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We provide customer management and maintenance services to various Windows and Linux servers. Based on this option, we will perform the following types of tasks for the client: 

  • Windows and Linux management – maintenance, management, and assurance of the proper operation of the operating system, both at hardware and software level.
  • Customized business servers – design, customize and maintain domain and / or email servers that are necessary for your business to grow.
  • Hardware maintenance and administration – we are concerned with the maintenance and administration of IT equipment, performing regular checks at the level of cooling systems and the state of the sources..
  • Fix IT Issues – we ensure full maintenance, so we analyze and fix any emerging IT issue, including at the ATX source level.
  • Status check Hard-Disk – as there are times when different errors can occur on the hard drive, we ensure that they are fixed as soon as possible..
  • Integrate a back-up system – company information is precious, so it can not be lost. We do this by integrating a powerful back-up system.

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We help you find the right solution for your business!

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