At the time of launch, Windows offered upgade for free to its latest version, Windows 10, for all devices that had previously installed Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Given that in the future, the company wants to develop and improve Windows 10 for a long time, sooner or later, and you will need to switch to this new software.

However, there are still many people who, from convenience or mistrust, postpone the update to Windows 10. Indeed, previous versions of the software behave impeccably and provide decent functionality for any type of computer, but Windows 10 proposes a series of services that seek to innovate the IT field.

That’s why you should also upgrade and install Windows 10 if you have not already:

Increased security – one of the main goals of Windows 10 developers was to provide people with a secure workspace that would not allow information to leak into the online environment. Windows 10 gives you free access to antivirus software and software that detects possible cyber attacks, all for greater security when using your computer.
Voice Assistant – reliable help for those who have upgraded Windows to their latest version, Cortana is the voice assistant that will make Internet browsing as well as various other activities on your computer much easier. You can ask them to find different information for you, make a list of your daily activities, or even give you different news from any field.
Your own browser – considered by many to be useless, Microsoft Explorer has been replaced with the upgrade to Windows 10. It is now becoming Microsoft Egde, an interactive browser that gives you a flawless online experience. It’s fast and safe, giving you numerous facilities that the rest of the available browsers are currently unavailable to you.
App Store – if you have not had access to an app store right now on your computer, installing Windows 10 can benefit from this. Developers provide you with an interactive store where you can download all sorts of programs for your daily computer activities. From entertainment applications to productivity, all are at your disposal in one place.
Reaction speed – because it has worked hard on the shortcomings that previous versions have, with Windows 10 you will not have to worry about the speed at which your computer runs. The latest version of Windows boot faster, applications will open more easily, and your games and files will not block you while you make changes to them.