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At software level, we provide a range of services for the smooth operation and performance of SO.Windows, Linux, Mac Os Sierra and Yosemite:


  • Software Update and Verification – we ensure the installation of the latest available software versions and we always check the status of the updates.
  • Cleaning temporary files – we release some of the internal memory of computers by removing temporary files and applications that do not allow the computer to yield.
  • Optimizing your operating system – we provide optimal solutions for operating system efficiency, antivirus checking and, if necessary, devirusing.
  • Storage management – we’re worried about storage space functionality, upgraded to its level, and back-up regularly to the entire system.
  • Firewall Configuration and Network Security – we check network security and configure your Firewall to ensure that your company information is not compromised.
  • Support and permanent advice – we provide our customers with all the information they need, including telephone, remote, and on-site support.
  • Installing absolutely necessary applications – we install a number of applications useful to the company’s business, such as Mail, Word, Excel, Access, Saga, Ciel, Evop, Wizsalarii, or Revisal.
  • Network infrastructure check – we realize VPN tunnels and verify the physical integrity of the network through the router, Wi-Fi, swich and media converter.

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We help you find the right solution for your business!

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