Mentenance from A to Z. What does this work?

For many entrepreneurs, the concept of IT maintenance is defined as the task for a specialist in periodic research of the firm’s equipment to ensure that it operates in normal parameters. This is, in fact, only a small part of the entire maintenance process, because...

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The security of your site. Risks and solutions

Whether they have developed an online business, or rely solely on the commercial potential of the online environment, any respected business has a presenting website or an online store at the moment. The site communicates to the public the philosophy behind the...

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Top 5 antivirus programs

Installing an antivirus is a vital action, whether you use your computer for personal or service use. In the online environment, you find dangers all the time, and the lack of a data protection program will make it possible for files, applications, or even personal...

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Why it’s good to upgrade to Windows 10

At the time of launch, Windows offered upgade for free to its latest version, Windows 10, for all devices that had previously installed Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. Given that in the future, the company wants to develop and improve Windows 10 for a long time, sooner or...

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10 things you do not know about your network

Recent studies have shown that no less than 3.2 billion people use the internet daily, this being their main source of topicality. As impressive as this number is becoming commonplace, the internet has become a fairly common subject that no one notices as it should....

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