Recent studies have shown that no less than 3.2 billion people use the internet daily, this being their main source of topicality. As impressive as this number is becoming commonplace, the internet has become a fairly common subject that no one notices as it should.

We all connect to an internet network, willing to access quickly. But how many times have you wondered what this network is supposed to mean, how does it help you, and at the same time, how it could influence your life? Here are some things you certainly do not know about your network, but how installing a VPN can save you from hacker attacks:

More than 30,000 sites are compromised daily by hackers – cyber attacks have become more and more common, not surprising that no fewer than 30,000 sites fall prey to hackers. These are the databases that these sites own and can be attacked by connecting to an insecure network that provides public access to private information.
Browsers only offer a false sense of security – Connecting to a network that does not provide file encryption can mean insecurity for your personal data. It’s very easy for a hacker to access your information, especially through the browser you’re using. Unfortunately, most search engines only offer a false sense of data protection, so it is absolutely necessary to be connected to a private internet network, especially when making online payments or distributing personal files.
Public Wi-Fi networks, the main hacker weapon – connecting to a public Internet network is not recommended, especially when you are on holiday or in foreign places. Connecting to the hotel or restaurant Wi-Fi may seem to you the most accessible solution. You should, however, think twice before making various online payments or transmitting private data while you are connected to a public network because they are not secured.
Encryption of data, absolutely necessary for company safety – the VPN (Private Virtual Network) is recommended for all who use the Internet, but especially for the good functioning of businesses. Through this connection you have the guarantee that the data will be encrypted and only the employees of the company will have access to it, not the ones outside the company.
The network you connect to can give any data about you – similar to a virtual profile, the network you connect to can give anyone information about you. By detecting IP and other data of this kind, any person could find your location and then other confidential information. If you do not want this to happen, you need to connect to a VPN, when the servers you access will detect the IP address of the network.