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HelpDesk IT Benefits

HelpDesk IT offers it’s clients a series of important benefits for the offered services.These apply to everybody that works with us and are available throughout all of the collaboration period..

  • ACCESS TO ALL OF THE IT SERVICES AVAILABLE – HelpDesk IT’s clients are offered the best quality repairs, and various IT services. Either you want maintenance, consulting, repairs, technical analysis of the infrastructure, or all kind of technical solutions, we will always come up with the best answer for your needs..
  • EFFICIENT OPTIMISATION OF THE NETWORKS AND THE IT SYSTEMS – We increase the performance of the machines by optimizing all the IT systems and networks. And much more, we provide you with the functionality of the infrastructure without any activity interruption, a local back-up system, and a cloud back-up system, for the company’s data safety.
  • FREE CONSULTING AND SMART SOLUTIONS – The Help Desk IT team is made of experienced specialists, able to ensure that any IT problem is resolved in a timely fashion. We offer you the safety of your business by using professional personalized solutions. We are transparent and we offer you total control with the IT costs. We offer free consulting for various IT acquisitions, either hardware or software.

We help you find the right solution for your business!

Why choose us?

The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us so that the invoice is paid only if you are satisfied, the bill will be refunded in the current month if you are not satisfied with the services we provide and the problem is solved free of charge.

Help Desk IT Policies

Help DeskIT Policies


Pay only accordingly with the quality of the services.

The bill is due at the beginning of the month, and the client is given the possibility to request his money back if he is not happy with the services offered by the HelpDesk IT team. We have top partners like Dell, HP and Microsoft, and this is the reason why our services always are at a high standard.


Periodical checks and high efficiency

HelpDesk IT team pays monthly visits at the customers head-quarters for device checks and it’s efficiency. We provide maintenance, necessary repairs and various tests of software and hardware systems to ensure that everything works at the highest level.



HelpDeskIT provides you with extended efficiency of repaired appliances. In addition, over the entire repair period, we replace the defective parts with new ones to ensure the operation of the computers, including during the technical change process.


Quality services and free consulting

We work transparently and provide our customers with all the information they need. We offer quality services that will benefit you, your employees, and will contribute to the good development of your business.

Partenrs & certifications


Collaboration with HelpDeskIT has proven to be one of the best decisions we have ever made since the company was established. The IT maintenance team always responds earnestly to our requests and has always provided us with top quality services. I recommend HelpDeskIT! It is a trustworthy partner, together with whom you can sign a long term collaboration

Adrian Moldovanu

Brand Manager

Initially, the flexibility and promptness with which the HelpDesk IT team promised to respond to our requests has attracted our attention. Immediately after starting the collaboration, we discovered a professional team of people with extensive experience in this field. I do not think there is an IT problem that will not solve it!

Cristina Iosif

Client Service Director

I have a growing project that needs permanent functional equipment and the maintenance period meant stopping any activity. HelpDesk IT is the only IT maintenance firm in Romania who replaces the equipment with new ones during repairs. That convinced me that I was making the right decision and appealing to the right people!

Victor Constantin

Young Entrepreneur

We help you find the right solution for your business!

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